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One Big Party Shop is a curated shop made with you in mind. I know for some of you, the planning and shopping for a party can be daunting. With that said, your child's birthday or any celebration doesn't have to be. I want your party needs to come together as easy as possible, and for you to find everything in one place, including inspiration; knowing, that every item is carefully sourced and sometimes even handpicked for your party. Just kick back,relax and enjoy the moment, every moment. In the spirit of making things fun and easy I also offer my styling services within the Houston area. Please inquire via the form in the Contact Us section, I will be responding shortly after, so that together we can plan and style that beautiful event you dream of. Don't forget that Life is One Big Party.

As a wife, and working mom of three boys,I run around like crazy before any party, so I know the struggle, but in spite of the chaos I have found my passion and joy.  Amidst, errands, work and house chores I have found my calling as party stylist but along the way I have also found adorable, quality and unique party supplies. Now I am just thrilled to share it all with you.